Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge

Category: Preservation, restoration, and enhancement.
Location: Approximately 10 miles west of Salem.
Size: 2,522 acres including approximately 10 acres of wetland prairie.


Baskett Slough NWR was established in 1965. The refuge consists of over 1,700 acres of cropland managed for geese forage along with approximately 550 acres of grassland, 500 acres of shallow seasonal wetland, and 35 acres of permanent open water. Baskett Slough has several small tracts of wet prairie, including a six-acre area on the slopes below Baskett Butte and a two-acre patch east of Morgan Reservoir. These wetland prairie sites have adequate hydrology, but low native plant diversity and had previously been disturbed for agricultural use. An additional nine acres was planted with wetland prairie species in 2001.


Existing management of wet prairie habitat at Baskett Slough includes mowing and prescribed fire. Restoration of additional wetland prairie from agricultural fields is in progress.

Access and Contact

Access from Coville Road via Highway 22 just west of Rickreall. Public access to some paths in the refuge is limited during winter months. 541-757-7236.