QP-RaptorView-PortionofSiteQuamash Prairie

Category: Restoration (Lane County Waste Management).
Location: Approximately two miles south of Eugene, adjacent to I-5 and the Lane County Short Mountain Landfill, near the Coast Fork of the Willamette River.
Size: Approximately 100 acres of restored wetland prairie adjacent to a mix of other habitats.


The site had been used for agricultural purposes (Lolium multiflorum production) until purchased by the Lane County Waste Management Division to serve as a site to mitigate wetland impacts occurring on the adjacent landfill. Restoration began in 2008 and included areas of significant grading. Site preparation occurred in 2009-2010, and planting in 2011 to present. The project included major transplant of approximately 100,000 Camassia spp. bulbs harvested from the impacted landfill area.


Following certification of mitigation credits, Lane County Waste Management will continue to manage the site at a low level to maintain diversity and address woody encroachment and invasion by non-native vegetation. Ecological burns are unlikely on this site due to proximity to the highway. They will consider haying as a method of reducing thatch build-up.

Access and Contact

There is currently no formal public access onto the site, but tours are occasionally offered. Contact Lane County Waste Management at 541-687-4120.