New Conservation Business Plan Published

Prairie, Oaks, and People – A Conservation Business Plan to Revitalize the Prairie-Oak Habitats of the Pacific Northwest  seeks to create the economic, social, and political climate to fund and support the interventions necessary to preserve and enhance prairie-oak habitat and the species that rely on it throughout the Pacific Northwest for the use and enjoyment of future generations. With this overarching strategic framework, this document presents the business case for a 10 to 15-year investment strategy for prairie-oak conservation.

This plan is intended to showcase our vision for healthy and abundant populations of native prairie-oak plants and animals within the context of human needs and a changing climate. The business plan demonstrates our collective capacity to respond to real-world demand for products and services around prairie-oak conservation and generate outcomes that are important to people as well as to a naturally functioning ecosystem.

The welcome symposium at the upcoming CPOP Conference (Eugene, OR | April 9-12) will center around the cross-cutting strategies outlined in this plan. Registration for the conference is underway. Hope to see you there!

“Prairie, Oaks, and People” is a collaboration between the American Bird Conservancy, the Center for Natural Lands Management, Klamath Bird Observatory, Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture, and the Willamette Partnership on behalf of the Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership, Klamath-Siskiyou Oak Network, Pacific Birds, and our many participating partners.