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The Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership (CPOP) is a community of people and organizations that are involved in prairie-oak conservation and species recovery efforts in western Cascadia. CPOP strives to improve outcomes by facilitating increased collaboration, idea sharing, and information transfer among the CPOP community.

CPOP was created to increase coordination between conservation-focused professionals interested in prairie-oak conservation in order to promote conservation action, leverage funding, and expand recovery efforts.

CPOP promotes prairie and oak conservation from British Columbia to northwest California, including the Willamette Valley – Puget Trough – Georgia Basin (WPG) ecoregion pictured at right.


The CPOP community is large and diverse. Including people and entities from all sectors across the ecoregion, CPOP is made up of practitioners, policy makers, researchers, land owners, land managers, and interested individuals spanning Northern California to Southern British Columbia.

The Prairie, Oaks, and People Conservation Business Plan is intended to showcase our vision for healthy and abundant populations of native prairie-oak plants and animals within the context of human needs and a changing climate. The business plan demonstrates our collective capacity to respond to real-world demand for products and services around prairie-oak conservation and generate outcomes that are important to people as well as to a naturally functioning ecosystem.

Meet the Steering Committee

Bob AltmanAvifauna Northwest
Ed AlversonLane County Parks
Lindsay CorneliusColumbia Land Trust
Sara Evans-PetersPacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture
Erin GrayUS Fish & Wildlife Service
Sarah HammanEcostudies Institute
Tom KayeInstitute for Applied Ecology
Joyce LeCompteCamassia Resource Stewardship
James MiskellyNatural Resources Canada
Kristen MiskellySatinflower Nurseries
Christa RollsWashington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Nicole RuggieroTualatin Soil and Water Conservation District
Jonathan SollPortland Metro Regional Government
Jaime StephensKlamath Bird Observatory
Elaine StewartRetired

CPOP is facilitated by Elspeth Hilton Kim and Anita Michalak, Ecostudies Institute

CPOP enables improved conservation outcomes by making it easier to find partners, utilize best management practices, and gain support.

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