CPOP provides the infrastructure to:

Link Entities РEngage partners, share information, brainstorm future actions.

Transfer Information – Expand expertise, reduce duplication, and improve methods.

Generate Incentives – Identify shared goals, generate a unified voice, and put focus on prairie-oak priorities throughout the range.

Why? To enable improved conservation outcomes by making it easier to find partners, utilize best management practices, and gain support.

Learn more here: CPOP Informational Flyer

CPOP Steering Committee Annual Goals

  • Ensure sub-regional partnerships/groups and species-specific or topic-specific working groups have robust meetings that energize local partners, maintain productivity, and follow up on identified actions.
  • Identify top 5 research priorities that advance conservation action, promote collaboration, and can only be implemented at the ecoregional scale.

CPOP Community

The CPOP community is large and diverse.  Including people and entities from all sectors across the ecoregion, CPOP is made up of practitioners, policy makers, researchers, land owners, land managers and interested individuals.