2014 Prairie Weed Annual Report

This report is intended to document actions taken in 2014 to control invading plants which:

  • Are non-native
  • Pose a risk to native prairie habitats
  • Are not pervasive across JBLM (e.g. not scot’s broom or Agrostis sp)
  • May be established in some prairies but are absent from others (e.g. Potentilla recta)


In 2014 pest plants were surveyed and treated on over 2,600 acres. Over 17,000 data points were collected representing one to several dozen plants treated. This funding was nearly double a typical year. This means we had more time and effort to dedicate to surveys and treatment on JBLM. Increased survey effort led to 2500 new detections that are >100m from the nearest 2013 detection. Response to treatments varied by species. For example, leafy spurge was well controlled by application of Perspective, but tall oat grass often resprouts after treatment with Fusilade. Lessons from the 2014 field season and recommendations for future actions are given below.