Action Plan to recover four prairie species in the West Eugene Wetlands: Fender’s Blue Butterfly, Kincaid’s Lupine, Willamette Daisy, and Bradshaw’s Lomatium

This Action Plan informs rare plant management actions, serves as a reference document, and provides a framework to follow for future habitat enhancement, restoration, and protection. It presents a set of specific actions, locations, and timelines the group can collectively undertake for each species. Information presented in this report is based on monitoring data collected through 2008, additional monitoring since then may reveal changes in species’ population trends or recovery status. R2R partners will use the Action Plan in a coordinated effort to obtain funding for rare species management, make progress toward recovery actions in the USFWS Recovery Plan for the Prairie Species of Western Oregon and Southwestern Washington, and focus future management and funding where it is needed most across the West Eugene Wetlands and Eugene area recovery zones.