Annotated Bibliography: Improving Habitat Enhancement Efforts and Determination of Site Readiness for Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterflies in South Puget Sound Lowlands

The Project’s multi-disciplinary Butterfly Habitat Enhancement Team and Technical Review Panel have planned and implemented restoration measures and enhancement strategies (Dunn and Fimbel, 2012) that include identifying specific locations for particular treatments within sites followed by intensive restoration techniques (e.g., Stanley et al., 2011), and enhancement at all sites by planting native grasses, butterfly host plants and nectar sources (Schultz et al., 2011). Captive rearing has been successful, and reintroduction efforts have begun at two sites (Dunn and Fimbel, 2011; Linders, 2012). Range-wide input is provided during Working Group meetings that facilitate an exchange of ideas amongst experts (Anderson 2008, 2011a, 2011b), who stress the importance of collaborative effort, creative management strategies, and basic and applied research to guide decisions (e.g., Dunn, 1998; Dunwiddie and Bakker, 2011).

This Annotated Bibliography for the ACUB Taylor’s Checkerspot Habitat Project is a component of our research team’s development of a suite of recommendations to guide the continued success of the Project, gauge its progress, and provide revised site-specific metrics to evaluate habitat enhancement and restoration efforts. We are inventorying butterfly, vegetation, and habitat data and developing a metadata catalogue to submit as a separate element.

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