Upland Habitat Conservation Areas. Chapter 4: San Juan County Best Available Science Synthesis.

The State of Washington requires San Juan County, as well as other counties and cities, to identify and protect the functions and values of “Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas” (FWHCA’s). This is one of the five types of “Critical Areas” identified in the Growth Management Act (WAC 365-190 080). In WAC 365-190-030(6a), FWHCA’s are defined as: “areas that serve a critical role in sustaining needed habitats and species for the functional integrity of the ecosystem, and which, if altered, may reduce the likelihood that the species will persist over the long term. These areas may include, but are not limited to, rare or vulnerable ecological systems, communities, and habitat or habitat elements including seasonal ranges, breeding habitat, winter range, and movement corridors; and areas with high relative population density or species richness.