Castilleja levisecta Global Population Estimates – 2014 Statistics

Summary of 2014 statistics: The total global population of C. levisecta, now estimated at 186,411 flowering individuals, continues to rise, and this increase is because of the increasing success of outplantings. The 12 extant wild populations include 13,337 plants, which is the lowest wild population count in the past ten years and accounts for only 7 percent of the global population. The 32 extant plantings (including 4 augmentation plantings) total 173,074 plants, 93 percent of known C. levisecta plants. Of these, 170,254 meet the time criterion proposed by the species technical team. The number of outplants first exceeded the number of wild plants in 2012. Currently 14 locations have over 1,000 plants that meet recovery criteria. In 2012 this number was 10; in 2011 it was 4.