Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for West Eugene Wetland Species

The goal of this project is to investigate the climate change vulnerabilities of native grassland species, of which six are federally listed, four are species of conservation concern (USFWS 2010) and one is semi-aquatic; as well as key invasive species that pose a significant threat to native species of grasslands. We model vulnerabilities at multiple geographic scales and under three increasing climate change scenarios to understand the full range of potential future effects of climate change for each species.

This project has three primary objectives:

1) Assess the relative climate change vulnerabilities of 31 Willamette Valley native species and 5 invasive species;

2) Determine the extent of climate change vulnerability at local (WEW) and ecoregional (WV) scales for all species, and range-wide within the United States for all listed/conservation concern species; and

3) Assess climate change vulnerabilities across a range of climate change scenarios predicting little change to significant change.