Conservation and Management of Three Imperiled West Coast Butterflies: Bay, Quino, and Taylor’s Checkerspot

The following report provides a more detailed account of the tangible results of the workshop – presentations, discussion threads, action items, project ideas and other information of interest from the workshop. In addition, there are many results from the workshop, such as new relationships, that are intangible, and will be expressed through increased communication between individuals and the three checkerspot communities, as well as improved information exchange. In the pages below look for *Action Item* to indicate a proposed idea that will require action on behalf of one or many individuals moving forward. Look for *Research Question* to locate specific notes of research needs and ideas. A full list of action items and research questions can be found at the end of this report. To facilitate future communication and outreach, a list of attendees and their affiliations is included here, and contact information has been circulated amongst the group.