Conservation strategy for landbirds in lowlands and valleys of western Oregon and Washington

This document has been prepared to stimulate and support an active approach to conservation of landbirds in the lowlands and valleys of western Oregon and Washington (hereafter referred to as Westside Lowlands and Valleys). It represents the collective efforts of individuals from multiple agencies and organizations within the Oregon-Washington Chapter of Partners in Flight. Participants included biologists and ecologists from Federal and State agencies, industry, private consulting firms, environmental organizations, and academia in order to ensure a full range of ideas, information flow, and practicalities.

Recommendations included in this document are intended to guide planning efforts and actions of land managers, direct expenditures of government and non-government organizations, and stimulate monitoring and research to support landbird conservation. The recommendations also are expected to be the foundation for developing detailed conservation strategies at multiple geographic scales to ensure functional ecosystems with healthy populations of landbirds.