Declining and State Sensitive Bird Species Breeding in Willamette Valley Grasslands: 2008/09 Status Update

2008 Project Objectives: The 1996 surveys provided the initial focused grassland bird survey data in the Willamette Valley and identified important habitat types and sites to help focus conservation efforts where they could be most effective. In relation to the previous work, the 2008 surveys provided current distribution and relative abundance information for grassland birds and general habitat features of current habitats used by grassland birds.

1 The primary objectives of the 2008 survey effort were to:

o Update 1996 information on distribution and abundance of populations of target grassland bird species at particular sites within the Willamette Valley;

o Characterize habitat features associated with target species occurrence and document changes from 1996 to 2008.

o Characterize the breeding bird composition of Willamette Valley grasslands and population trend differences between 1996 and 2008;

o Identify key conservation areas to guide landowner outreach and habitat enhancement efforts through the Willamette Valley Grassland Bird Conservation Initiative and other complimentary programs.