Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Associations of Declining and State Sensitive Bird Species Breeding in Willamette Valley Grasslands

This project was initiated in response to the overall lack of information on grassland bird species in the Willamette Valley, particularly considering the declining and sensitive status of several of these species. Five species, Oregon vesper sparrow,  streaked horned lark, western meadowlark, grasshopper sparrow, and common nighthawk were designated as target species based on concerns about declining populations and their close association with grassland habitat. The term “grassland” as used in this report refers to agricultural fields such as pasture, hayfields, and cultivated cropland (e.g., grass, grain, vegetable, berry fields and Christmas tree farms); and non-agricultural fields such as native prairies and fallow fields. Bird species associated with these types of fields often were formerly native grassland species.