DRAFT State of Washington Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery Plan

The Oregon Spotted Frog was listed as Endangered in Washington in 1997 by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission. Museum specimens and substantiated accounts indicate Oregon Spotted Frogs were found in both the Puget Trough and East Cascades ecoregions. The species is known to persist in
only six Washington river drainages: Sumas River (Whatcom County), Black Slough (Whatcom County), Samish River (Whatcom & Skagit Counties), Black River (Thurston County), Trout Lake Creek (Klickitat and Skamania Counties) and Outlet Creek at Conboy Lake and Camas Prairie (Klickitat

The goal of the recovery plan is to establish and maintain self-sustaining Oregon Spotted Frog populations in Washington. The Oregon Spotted Frog Recovery Plan provides strategies to increase population abundance in each occupied area, to find additional extant populations and, establish new populations across the geographic range. Habitat management will be necessary to produce these results and is an essential part of the recovery plan for this species.