Ecology and Conservation of the South Puget Sound Prairie Landscape (Table of Contents)

The documents below are found in the compilation Ecology and Conservation of the South Puget Sound Prairie Landscape. Please see the Preface to these documents at the download link on the left side of this page.

Table of Contents:

Weeds of South Puget Sound Prairies by Glen Buschmann

Changes in South Puget Sound Landscape by Rex C. Crawford and Heidi Hall

Land Use and Ft Lewis by Van Perdue

Prairie Food and Medicine by Angela Lombardi

Ecology of Western Gray Squirrel by Lorreen E. Ryan

Using DNA and Rocks by Eleanor Steinberg and Dana Heller

Status of Neotropical Birds by Russell Rogers, Donald Norman, and David Rolph

Herpetofauna by William P. Leonard and Lisa Hallock

Butterflies of S. Puget Sound by Patrick Dunn and John Fleckenstein

Rare Vascular Plants by John Gamon

Aster Curtus by David Giblin

Castilleja levisecta by Jane Wentworth

Native Vegetation of South Puget Sound Prairies by Christopher B. Chappell and Rex C. Crawford

Fire Effects on Prairie Vegetation by Richard Tveten

Pocket Gopher Influence by Cynthia Hartway and Eleanor K. Steinberg

Exotic Beetles and Native Ants by Stacy Philpott

Plant Community Diversity by Ingrid Parker, William Harpole, and Dianna Dionne

Germination Requirements by Deanne Drake and Dr. Kern Ewing

Rocky Prairie Restoration by Roberta Davenport

Survival and Growth of Festuca by Richard Robohm

Vegetative Response to Fall Burning by Reid Schuller

Poderosa Pine Restoration by Jeffrey R. Foster

Restoration of White Oak Habitat by Ian Hanna and Patrick Dunn

Ft Lewis ITAM Management by Inger Schmidt