Ecology of a Remnant Population of Oregon Spotted Frogs (Rana Pretiosa) in Thurston County, Washington

Until recently, virtually all that was known about Oregon spotted frogs was from a study conducted in British Columbia along the Little Campbell River (Licht 1974). In 1996, we initiated a study of Oregon spotted frogs at Dempsey Creek to better understand this species ecology. The Dempsey Creek population was ideal for study because of the mutual interest of the landowner, Port Blakely Tree Farms, Ltd., in developing a better understanding of site-specific characteristics of the frog population. Furthermore, because the study area was grazed throughout the year by about 20 cows, it provided an opportunity to study the effects of grazing on frog habitat. We identified four topics of study: refinement of marking and capture techniques; population characteristics; home range and habitat use; and surveys for new frog populations on tributaries near Dempsey Creek.