Federal Register: Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Review of Plant and Animal Species That Are Candidates or Proposed for Listing as Endangered or Threatened

Table 1 of this notice includes 252 species that we regard as candidates for addition to the Lists of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants (Lists), as well as 35 species for which we have published proposed rules to list as threatened or endangered species, most of which we identified as candidates in the October 25, 1999, Candidate Notice of Review (64 FR 57534). We encourage consideration of these species in environmental planning, such as in environmental impact analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (implemented at 40 CFR parts 1500–1508) and in local and statewide land use planning. Table 2 of this notice contains 74 species we identified as candidates or as proposed species in the October 25, 1999, Candidate Notice of Review that we now no longer consider candidates. This includes 21 species that we removed from candidate status (including 8 species we are removing from candidate status through this notice) and 53 species we listed as threatened or endangered since October 25, 1999. The Regional Offices identified as having lead responsibility for the particular species will continually revise and update the information on candidate species. We intend to publish an updated combined
notice of review for animals and plants, that will include our findings on recycled petitions and a description of our progress on listing actions, annually in the Federal Register.