Impact of Declining Oak Woodlands on Missions

A Subagreement pursuant to delegation authority contained in the Cooperative agreement between the Department of Defense and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) dated 13 December, 1988 was entered into by McChord Air Force Base (AFB) and the Washington Field Office of The Nature Conservancy in July of 1993. This subagreement calls for the inventory and mapping of ecosystems and species of concern as well as the performance of such tasks as may be outlined in specific Study Authorizations submitted by McChord AFB.

A Study Authorization titled “Impact of Declining Oak Woodlands on Missions” has been developed and was entered into in August of 1995. It calls for the design and implementation of appropriate management techniques for the restoration and maintenance of Oregon white oak and associated ponderosa pine vegetation communities on McChord AFB. This final report covers work conducted from September 15, 1995 to September 15, 2000.