National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy

The purpose of the National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy is to inspire and enable natural resource administrators,
elected officials, and other decision makers to take action to adapt to a changing climate. Adaptation actions are vital to sustaining the nation’s ecosystems and natural resources — as well as the human uses and values that the natural world provides.

The Strategy describes steps that can be taken to address these impacts and help conserve ecosystems and make them more resilient (Chapter 3). Proposed strategies and actions along with checklists to monitor progress are organized under seven major goals in the Strategy.

  1. Conserve and connect habitat
  2. Manage species and habitats
  3. Enhance management capacity
  4. Support adaptive management
  5. Increase knowledge and information
  6. Increase awareness and motivate action
  7. Reduce non-climate stressors