Prairie Landowner Guide for Western Washington

This handbook focuses on the prairies of western Washington. It provides a short history of these special places and explains where they are located. The handbook will tell you about the plants and animals that live in our prairies. It provides photographs, maps, and diagrams to help you understand the “where” and the “what” of the prairie world.

Most importantly, the handbook suggests how you as a prairie landowner can take care of these special places. Caretaking might mean practicing land managment that will reduce your impact on prairies, while remaining compatible with other uses you may have for the land, such as pastures, farming, gardens, and lawns.

This handbook explains the current best management practices we can use to reduce impacts on prairie lands, as well as information about restoration tools that are specific to prairies of the Pacific Northwest. Finally, this handbook will provide details on incentive programs available to you, as a private landowner, to assist with the process of restoring the prairie lands that are important to you.