Recovery Plan for Rogue and Illinois Valley Vernal Pool and Wet Meadow Ecosystems

This recovery plan addresses ten species of plants and animals of seasonally wet habitats in southern Oregon. Two federally endangered plant species that are endemic to southern Oregon are the primary focus of the plan: Limnanthes pumila ssp. grandiflora (large-flowered woolly meadowfoam; also known as big-flowered woolly meadowfoam or Agate Desert meadowfoam) and Lomatium cookii (Cook’s desert-parsley; also known as Cook’s lomatium or Agate Desert lomatium). Site-specific information and recovery actions are also provided for one federally threatened invertebrate, the vernal pool fairy shrimp (Branchinecta lynchi). In addition, site-specific information and provisions for long-term conservation are provided for seven species of conservation concern, including six plants (Agrostis hendersonii [Henderson’s bentgrass], Callitriche marginata [winged water-starwort], Limnanthes pumila ssp. pumila [dwarf woolly meadowfoam], Limnanthes gracilis spp. gracilis [slender meadowfoam], Plagiobothrys austiniae [Austin’s popcornflower], and Plagiobothrys greenei [Greene’s popcornflower]) and a newly discovered aquatic invertebrate species, Dumontia oregonensis.