Restoration and Management Plan for the Landfill Cover and the Adjacent Riparian Area in the Whilamut Natural Area

The Whilamut Natural Area (formerly known as East Alton Baker Park) is a 237-acre, undeveloped metropolitan park situated along the Willamette River. This restoration and management plan addresses one portion of this area: a 70-acre portion directly west of I-5 referred to in the East Alton Baker Park Plan (East Alton Baker Park Citizen Planning Committee 1996) as the Central Meadow Area. This area is managed by the City of Eugene Parks and Open Space Division.

East Alton Baker Park Plan (EABP Plan). The natural resource goal as stated in the EABP Plan is to “provide valuable habitats in which a diversity of native plant and wildlife species can prosper” (East Alton Baker Park Citizen Planning Committee 1996). Design principles are specified in the EABP Plan for this natural resource goal (p 19). These include:

• Identify, maintain, restore, create and protect a wide variety of natural habitats within the park. • Simulate natural disturbances that set back biological succession, such as removing shrubs from a meadow or removing conifer trees from the riparian forest. • Retain large tracts of land in which the cycles of nature can proceed and native plant and wildlife populations can flourish. • Establish East Alton Baker Park as an integral link in a natural resource corridor along the Willamette River Greenway.

This document provides guidance for restoration and management decisions and practices for this area. It is intended that these practices continue to fully support the provisions of the citizen-developed East Alton Baker Park plan.