South Eugene Meadows Management Plan

This plan describes the overall goals and objectives of the City’s management of South Eugene Meadows and is a guide for conservation and public access and recreation actions. The plan documents the site’s features and history, articulates its local and regional conservation importance, identifies the conservation targets, describes specific planned actions for protecting or enhancing those systems and species, details desired future conditions, provides a schedule of implementation, and formulates monitoring plans for key site resources and restoration areas.

The six primary management objectives for the first twenty years (2012-2032) under this plan are:

1. Restore the structure of prairie, savanna, and oak woodland habitats. 2. Maintain and expand populations of priority plant species in grasslands. 3. Enhance habitat features for grassland and oak-dependent wildlife species. 4. Develop and implement an effective and efficient monitoring program. 5. Provide public access to the site. 6. Establish maintenance access to facilitate restoration and management.