Vascular Plant Inventory for Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

The expansion of Lewis and Clark National Historical Park in 2004 necessitated a new inventory of additional park lands to meet the goals laid out in the NCCN Inventory Program. In addition, a new inventory allowed for rare and non-native, invasive species locations to be mapped, rare plant communities to be identified and discussed, and for the park‘s existing herbarium collections to be reviewed.

The objectives of this project were to complete a vascular plant inventory of the new lands, including collection and processing of voucher herbarium specimens. Specific goals of the inventory were to:

  1. Document and map locations of special status plants including federal or state listed threatened, endangered, species of concern or special status plant species.
  2. Document and identify important locations of plant communities of special interest or concern.
  3. Document and map locations of non-native species of concern.
  4. Collect and process voucher specimens for any species encountered that were not previously represented in the LEWI herbarium.
  5. Develop an annotated checklist and technical report documenting current and previous
    floristic work at LEWI.