Western Bluebird Stewardship Account for the Garry Oak Ecosystems of Southwestern British Columbia

The Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT) has established a list of plant, invertebrate and vertebrate species that are a priority for future research and recovery efforts in the Georgia Depression Ecoprovince (i.e., southeastern Vancouver Island and the lower Fraser River valley) of southwestern British Columbia. The species selected rely on the Garry oak (Quercus garryana) or associated ecosystems (e.g., coastal bluffs, sparsely vegetated areas) in coastal British Columbia for the majority or an important part of their lifecycle and are either in decline or extirpated from the region.

The Western Bluebird, a priority vertebrate species as identified by GOERT, has been extirpated from the Garry oak ecosystems of British Columbia. This stewardship account has been prepared for GOERT to summarize available information about this species and to make management recommendations. The account is an initial step towards the development of a recovery plan, with the long-term objective of restoring this species to its former coastal range in the Garry oak ecosystems of British Columbia.