Wild Iris Ridge October 2008 Management Plan

Wild Iris Ridge is a City of Eugene (City) owned property approximately 228 acres in size, situated mostly outside of the metropolitan urban growth boundary (UGB) in the south hills. The site lies just to the north of Bailey Hill in the headwaters of Willow and Spencer Creeks and was purchased in several phases between 2003 and 2007 by the City for habitat preservation, viewshed protection, and recreational use. A planned ridgeline trail extension will likely pass through this site in the future as adjacent properties are acquired along the trail corridor. The site boasts a range of plant communities, including remnant upland prairie and oak savanna, excellent wildlife habitat, stunning vistas, and varied topography. It also poses a number of difficult management issues such as colonization by invasive plant species, erosion, and potential fire hazard on the urban fringe. Because the site contains significant amounts of prairie, savanna, and oak woodland (all habitat types that have declined significantly in the Willamette Valley over the past 150 years), the site is particularly valuable from a habitat standpoint.

The purpose of this Management Plan is to provide direction for the short- and long-term maintenance and management of the site’s plant communities, habitats, and facilities. This plan provides a context under which future management decisions can be made and facilities can be planned within the confines of available resources and funding. Due to the range of condition within this site’s habitats, a degree of latitude has been written into the management strategies to allow flexibility in addressing localized habitat needs and opportunities.