Willamette Valley – Puget Trough – Georgia Basin Ecoregional Assessment

The report in your hands addresses a pressing need. It is a first approximation of the most important places for conserving native species and ecosystems in the most highly developed region of the Pacific Northwest: the fertile lowlands of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Washington’s Puget Trough, British Columbia’s Georgia Basin, and the nearshore marine waters of Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia. These extraordinary places are all part of a common ecoregion and share similar climate, geology, history, landforms, and native species.

Resources for conservation in this ecoregion are limited, urban areas are expanding, and an extraordinary heritage of native species and ecosystems is at risk. This assessment is intended to help conservation agencies, planners and organizations direct their resources to the most important places for supporting the ecoregion’s biodiversity. It describes a portfolio of priority conservation areas that are of exceptional biological value and are the most likely places for conservation to succeed based on their current condition, land use and other factors.