Winter Surveying for Streaked Horned Larks in the Portland Region: A Summary of 2014 Efforts by the Audubon Society of Portland

In January–March 2014, Audubon Society of Portland (ASoP) organized a preliminary citizen-science project to determine the feasibility of surveying locations in the Portland metro area for the wintertime presence of Streaked Horned Larks (Eremophila alpestris strigata). Although Streaked Horned Larks are known to winter regularly at a few sites in the region, our effort sought to determine whether wintering larks were being overlooked in any areas not regularly surveyed by managers or covered by birders. We also aimed to ascertain whether and how a citizen-science survey effort should be run and whether and how it might contribute to our knowledge of Streaked Horned Lark populations in the wake of the ESA listing decision.