Mapping a Growing Threat And A Request for Participation

This post was originally published in the Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture Fall 2019 Oak and Prairie Newsletter Invasive plants alter habitat structure and function, often reducing diversity and competing with or reducing habitat suitability for native plants and animals. Control of invasive weeds is critical to restoration of natural habitats and recovery of rare

CPOP’s Expanding Role

Cross posted from the Spring 2019 “Oak and Prairie Pacific Northwest News” published by Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture. The Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership (CPOP) has long served as the primary connection among people working on oak and prairie conservation in the Pacific Northwest. Its biannual conference typically attracts about 250 participants; hundreds more track CPOP’s listserv and

New Page Added for the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly Working Group

Did you know that in addition to the technical library and conference materials, this website also hosts working group pages? Pages for the species-specific working groups for the streaked horned lark, Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly, and Mazama pocket gopher, which are also coordinated by CPOP, have been available for years. These pages provide background information on

Last chance to register for the CPOP Conference!

>>> Online registration closed on March 31. Limited same-day registration may be available.<<< The CPOP Conference (April 9-12 in Eugene, OR) will explore the diverse people and projects within our prairie-oak community. Presentations will focus on the research, professional experience, and traditional ecological knowledge that improves planning and implementation of conservation in prairie-oak communities in the