South Sound

 The South Puget Sound Prairie Landscape Working Group

The South Puget Sound Prairie Landscape Working Group is an informal group striving to promote and improve the management and planning of conservation actions on the prairies and associated habitats of South Puget Sound.

This group includes members from public agencies and private organizations, with knowledge and expertise in natural area management and planning, who will work together to share expertise, develop resources, and effectively plan and implement future conservation activities. Although individual members may physically work only on individual prairies, the working group will focus on the entire South Puget Sound prairie system. The overriding goal for the working group is to improve the natural resources of South Puget Sound prairies.

The group normally works based upon consensus or near consensus. However, the informal structure of the group does not preclude the cooperation of members on ‘renegade’ ideas or actions that the entire group does not agree on. Individuals may join the working group as long as they actively help accomplish the goals of the group.

The group meets twice a year, with additional work completed between meetings. The working group is not merely a ‘board room’ group; the working group strives to make significant improvements on the ground in our prairies and oak woodlands.

Participating Agencies and Organizations

Federal Agencies
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Natural Resources Conservation Service
US Forest Service
US Environmental Protection Agency
Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Washington State Agencies
WA Department of Fish and Wildlife
WA Department of Natural Resources
WA Department of Transportation
Washington State University, Vancouver
University of Washington
Sustainability in Prisons Project

County Agencies
Pierce County
Thurston County Parks and Recreation
Port of Olympia

Conservation Organizations
Center for Natural Lands Management
The Nature Conservancy of Washington
Audubon Society
Capitol Land Trust
Friends of Puget Prairies
Wolf Haven International