Human-side of Restoration Webinar: Sticky Legal Issues Surrounding Restoration

The discussion focused on the political landscape of ecological restoration, including legal mandates for agencies, within-agency politics, and challenges with NEPA compliance as evidenced by case-law.

This is the second webinar in the Human-side of Restoration Webinar Series and was held February 4, 2014.

About the Series
Ecological restoration is a value-laden endeavor; Nature has no intrinsic concept of “healthy” ecosystems. Managers, researchers, and the public must define the goals of restoration projects, prioritize values at risk, and determine relevant temporal and spatial scales. Defining desired (or undesirable) future conditions for ecosystems raises ethical and social questions—desired by who and for who? –making it necessary that natural resource managers appreciate the human side of restoration. Read our concept paper for more information on the background and objectives of this series.

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